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The team has quit on coach and the organization is paralyzed by locker room episode. In 1966, Davis could leave the Raiders organization and stay the AFL Commissioner. Doug Martin, cheap Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs.

Is Graham Gano the worst kicker in the Football? There’s no doubt that he is – the statistics back that up. Gano has missed 10 field goals round the year, which leads the NFL. But a more real question to ask would be: How even better would the Redskins have been latest times seasons with kickers who were merely average or above average instead of bad?

The Bears earned a massive win this weekend over the Packers. Simply does this bring them one step closer in the division, but beating the Packers usually be a psychological boost for the Bears. If they can build off of your win, maybe their season isn’t lost just however.

(4) Team (2-0): The saints escaped S . f . with a win over the hungry 49ers on Monday night. They’re facing a hardcore Falcons defense week 8.

A Pirate’s Curse: No team offers lost any season game to Tampa Bay has ever won the Super Bowl. This, because of your years in existence, is known as The Tampa Bay Curse and haunts anyone who falls for the Bucs before season’s bottom.

The most touchdown passes Boomer Esiason ever been on one game was the top 5. He did this twice, both times as quarterback with the Cincinnati Bengals. The occasion came in the 52-21 victory over the actual York Jets in 1986 and concerning time occurred was within a 56-23 enlighten the cheap Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the 1989 winter season.

The Saints are now 0-4. After a bye week to help compose themselves they allow the Panthers beat them on the last-second field goal. It does not appear that they have any chance to obtain back on the NFC Championship game.

7) Spectacular Sunsets – You by no means witness anything like the software. The sunsets on Florida’s Gulf coast are truly awe-inspiring. It’s just something you’ll have to see to believe. Watch it with family members or your significant other, and capture a moment you will remember a lot of time.

Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacsonville Jags – Smith is actually the leader of a team, exactly like he was in San Francisco. He have earned a nice game because. Jacksonville.